An iPad is a tablet that offers many things, like the possibility of connecting it to a television and see everything that happens in it. Watching an iPad screen on TV is very simple and you can do it in several ways, through AirPlay through an Apple TV, through HDMI or using a composite video cable.

1. Apple TV

The Apple TV is the best way have to connect an iPad to a television. Connecting is very easy, we will have to activate AirPlay on the device and then follow the steps to connect it.


The second option is to connect the iPad through an HDMI cable. If your TV has an HDMI port and you want to connect by cable this is the best option.

3. Composite Video Cable

If your TV is not compatible with HDMI you can use a composite video cable. The composite video cable breaks down the video signal into the three main colors: red, green and blue, while the composite video cable adapter decomposes the image into the only yellow cable compatible with older TVs.

Now do not have excuse, as you see it’s so simple connect your iPad to a TV… Enjoy it to the fullest!

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