We have good news about the famous failure of the HDMI connection of PS4 and is that, apparently, it’s finally only a small failure in the connection and not in the console and also has an easy solution.

The problem seems to be due to a small piece of metal at the bottom of the HDMI input. This small piece prevents the cable from making a good connection and can even damage the head of the it or the connection of the console itself.

To solve this error press this small piece of metal until it does not protrude and then insert the HDMI cable.

Something we don’t know yet is if this piece of metal was a factory error or if is another type of error. This little piece of metal is released when we introduce the head of the HDMI or manipulate the console. We recommend you check your PS4 very carefully before connecting the cable.

If it is late and this piece of metal broke, or you still have problems with your PS4 HDMI port we are experts in Game Console Repair in El Paso, TX and we can help you.

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