General advice: restart the iPad (reboot). Although it may sound like the old anecdote of the doctor that to all his patients, regardless of the disease, he prescribed “two aspirins, take plenty of water and rest” and in most cases they recovered satisfactorily, with respect to the iPad Repair something happens similary.

Reopening the application normally works properly. It is normal for some applications, especially games, to “freeze” due to imperfections in their design, which are solved in later versions as they are tested.

To restart, simply press and hold the sleep / wake button for several seconds, until the red “Shutdown” button appears and then drag the slider with the finger on the left-hand side of the screen. Then press the sleep / wake button again until the Apple logo appears; After a moment, the iPad will restart automatically.

If you still have problems with your iPad we are an iPad Repair Center in El Paso, Tx and we can help you to fix it.

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