From what we have seen in several forums on the Web, several users complain that the connection to Wi-Fi is very weak. Maybe this is because the antenna of the iPad is located just below the apple logo, and this blocks the signal a bit. We can try to solve this problem by reconnecting to the wireless networks:

  1. Go to in Settings.
  2. Press Wi-Fi.
  3. Select the network that corresponds.
  4. Enter the password again and write slowly to making sure that you type it correctly.

If the signal does not improve, we have to bring the iPad a little closer to the router. The more walls are between the router and the iPad, the less sharp the signal.

Another option is to move the router closer to the center of the room where it is located or, in extreme cases, to buy an external antenna or an extender.

If any of this solutions works we can help you. At Computer Plus we are experts in iPad repair.

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