Did your iPhone fall into the pool or bathroom? Don’t give up, you can follow these steps to try to avoid water damage on your iPhone

1. Keep your iPhone off

In case that your iPhone stay on after falling into the water turn it off as soon as possible.

2. Dry it with a towel

It’s important to react quickly and try to dry the iPhone as soon as possible with a towel or any accessory you have nearby.

3. Let the iPhone in a bowl filled with white rice

After drying the iPhone the next step is to find a container, fill it with white rice and insert the iPhone. This helps to remove moisture, so it’s important that the iPhone be completely covered in rice for at least 48 hours.

4. Check that all grooves are completely dry

Once you’ve let your iPhone rest for at least two days covered with rice, you now have to check that all the slots are completely dry. If no sensor has been activated then your device is OK. To find out if a sensor is damaged you will have to look for a red sensor. If there is not, congratulations!

5. Turn on the iPhone

In case that your iPhone turn on, it means you got lucky this time.

If on the contrary, your iPhone does not respond, don’t worry, in Computer Plus we can help you.

We are experts in iPhone repair and we can fix the damage caused by water.

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