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We want to give you the best iMac and MacBook repair service in El Paso, Tx. No matter what the problem is, from software troubleshooting to a hardware problem, water damage, not charging, broken laptop screen, virus removal, data backup, or won’t turn on at all, we will get it fixed for you.

We repair any brand of Apple computers, from any Apple such as iMac Desktop or MacBook Pro.



Common Repairs

Here are some of the most common repairs that we provide for your iMac or MacBook

System Freezing

As different as they may be, Apple’s iMac and MacBook computers share very similar characteristics in terms of architecture and design from both a hardware and software standpoint. Being a company that develops and manufactures its own devices exclusively, Apple has a reputation for producing exceptionally reliable products but that does not necessarily leave them free from problems.

MacBook Broken Screen

The mobility and portability of a MacBook, be it the MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, is what truly sets the technology apart but it can come with a cost. Since it is potentially subject to so much more abuse and wear than an iMac computer, MacBooks are built to withstand a bit more wear but that does not make them indestructible. Half of the computer itself is the display which is also the most delicate component and most likely to sustain damage.

The fragility of the screen is probably the biggest drawback of a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. With MacBooks being manufactured lighter and thinner with each new model by Apple, the number of broken screens coming into the shop at Computers Plus Repair Center is on the rise.

A broken MacBook screen does not necessarily mean that the display is cracked or shattered, however. Distortion in the picture of any kind such as:

  • Screen completely black when powered on
  • Screen completely white when powered on
  • Colored lines running through the display either horizontally or vertically
  • Portions of the display not turning on
  • The backlight of the screen not turning on
  • Image looking faint or pale

If you happen to be experiencing any of these symptoms with your MacBook, the screen itself may need to be replaced. In rare instances, these types of issues can be caused by a cabling issue. The cables connecting the MacBook screen to the motherboard inside the computer can get disconnected, come loose, or even cut so a proper and complete diagnostic by trained technicians is the best idea when trying to get your machine back up and running like new again.

Feel free to contact the staff at Computers Plus Repair Center in El Paso, Texas for a quote on the repair or replacement of the screen for your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air today!

MacBook Charging Issue

As portable as a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air is, more often than not, the computer relies heavily on its ability to charge its internal battery to keep you mobile. The charging system in almost all MacBooks is fairly similar. The charger, the charging port, the system between the port and the battery, and the battery itself all make up its power system of it. Each component in the system plays a crucial role in making it truly portable.

A faulty charger is one of the easiest investigations you can perform to determine a charging issue. If you notice your battery percentage dropping while it is plugged in, not recognizing the charger when it is connected to the MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, or the battery charging too rapidly, the charger could be failing.

Trying a different charger is a very straightforward way of identifying the bad part and may very well get you back on your way. The same results with a new charger would usually require further investigation by a properly trained technician like those at Computers Plus Repair Center.

After having ruled out a faulty charger, the rest of the charging system is brought into question. A damaged charging port or even a bad battery can be the culprit of such problems. The disassembly and testing of the components inside the MacBook would be needed to narrow down which one or combination of them has failed. The testing of the voltage and amperage of the entire power system is a delicate and potentially dangerous task.

Fatal damage to the rest of the laptop or even the user is possible if not tested correctly so it is not recommended to be performed by anyone that is not properly trained. Once successfully identified, the faulty component can be repaired or replaced by a technician and then tested thoroughly again to ensure that there are no other problems.

Computers Plus Repair Center in El Paso, Texas has all the tools and equipment necessary to make a quick and accurate diagnostic so that our customers are adequately informed with honest opinions and recommendations. Our repairs are performed with the utmost care and attention to detail to keep all the equipment and users as safe as possible at all times.

So much so that with every successful repair, all MacBook computers leave the shop with a 90-day warranty on parts and labor, and has been a staple of our business for over 17 years. Stop by for a free diagnostic (restrictions apply) and quote so we can help you get back to work quickly and efficiently.

MacBook and iMac Hardware Issues

Apple computers are designed and manufactured so that the hardware and the software work seamlessly with each other but that does not always mean the hardware will not suddenly stop working or need to get upgraded. MacBooks and iMacs are built with very particular specifications. Oftentimes, certain aspects of these computers are not upgradeable, especially when it comes to the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models. iMac computers have the potential to be upgraded more easily than their mobile counterparts.

MacBook computers can experience many issues and scenarios where the replacement and/or upgrade of certain hardware components is the only option to get them working again but the design and architecture of them may not always permit it. Because of the physical size of the MacBook Air, most of the hardware is built-in and consolidated into the motherboard.

Apple offers the MacBook Air in different storage capacities when the computer is purchased because this is usually not a component that can be replaced or upgraded. Some older versions of the computer do have interchangeable, upgradeable, or replaceable components and one of the best ways to tell is by taking it to a knowledgeable technician.

iMac computers are quite different in this aspect. The larger design of them allows them to have various configurations that can lead to an enhanced experience as the upgradability options are more robust. Hard drives, solid-state drives, and memory are all potential upgrades for most iMac computers.

The scalability of these machines makes the desktop alternative for Apple a sound investment. The fact that so many more of the components inside of an iMac can be replaced and upgraded makes its potential lifespan of it much longer than its mobile counterpart.

In either case, failing hardware inside these machines can be a difficult situation to deal with if you are experiencing issues, you might not be completely familiar with. If you are having problems trying to determine what needs to be done to get your computer up and running again, the technicians at Computers Plus Repair Center have the knowledge and tools necessary to give you a clear understanding, in terms that are easy to understand, and get you back up and running again.

If a MacBook or iMac can be upgraded, our technicians will get you all possible options available with honest advice so you can make a confident and well-informed decision.

Data Backup

With the ever-changing world of technology and the constant advancements in software and hardware developed by Apple, the chances of losing the information stored on your computer are higher and higher with every passing day. Over the years, the technicians at Computers Plus Repair Center have helped an increasing number of customers who have lost their data because of issues with software or hardware. With new versions of their operating system released annually and dozens of updates in between from Apple, problems like these have plagued users more and more over the years, especially as our lives become increasingly tied to the digital world.

When a user’s MacBook or iMac fails, the possibility of losing all the photos, music, videos, and documents is always a huge possibility, especially if it isn’t fully backed up to iCloud. There are many reasons why your Mac could face an event that renders it unusable but the state of your data is not always so sure. Backing up your data after a major failure can be possible, depending on the nature and extent of the failure.

The technicians at Computers Plus Repair Center have the experience and tools necessary to back up or recover lost or damaged files from your old hard drive and make sure that it is saved to a new, secured one. The extensiveness of the process is determined by whether the drive is damaged and how much data is needed to be recovered. Our success rate is very high for backup and recovery of data from Mac’s old hard drive.

Tips and advice are given to all our customers that ask for help in trying to select an online backup service (such as iCloud) to help prevent the accidental loss of information in the future. If you’re having trouble with any of your data back-up or recovery issues, stop by Computers Plus Repair Center in El Paso, Texas for a free quote.




Clients Feedback

Gilbert AndrewsGilbert Andrews
21:40 13 Dec 23
Took in a PS5 was fixed and ready when promised at a reasonable rate highly recommend
Javier RoqueJavier Roque
00:23 09 Dec 23
They always provide great service
20:20 07 Dec 23
Got my Xbox Series X HDMI port replaced , only took 3 days. These guys are great ! Highly recommend.
Michael CooperMichael Cooper
22:57 30 Nov 23
They dealt with a series of unfortunate events in a professional manner, kept me informed and ultimately resolved the issues to my satisfaction. I would recommend these guys to anyone.
Juan A MartinezJuan A Martinez
21:35 25 Nov 23
Awsome job i cannot compare to other places so i only can rater as 4 🙃
Adriana RamosAdriana Ramos
17:06 09 Nov 23
It was our first time going with them but definitely won’t be the last. They are really hands on with the customers service they kept us in touch about our computer with out us having to say anything. Highly recommend!
23:21 30 Oct 23
Would highly recommend this place! Excellent service were very professional throughout the whole process, they did an amazing job repairing my console within 3 days and the prices are great!
Sandra GSandra G
17:57 22 Sep 23
Absolutely amazing service! I had been to other repair places and have been told that my computer could not be repaired, and that I would lose all of my information. The gentlemen at this location worked tirelessly on my computer and recovered everything. I will forever be grateful for the job that they have done and their professionalism. I was kept up-to-date on the process and the peace of mind that comes with that is priceless. Thank you Computer plus!!
Jeremy ArmstrongJeremy Armstrong
17:32 27 Jun 23
I came in for a quite complicated issue I was experiencing with my computer. Jose was able to diagnose and repair my computer in just a few days. I’m telling you there was no answer to the blue screens I had on any help website or YouTube. I took apart and reinstalled every component and formatted all drives and was losing my sanity. Jose had it figured out and my computer is finally back in action for only 100 bucks. I will be trusting these guys with every piece of equipment I have trouble with for now on. 5/5 stars!They also cleaned it! (This is the before picture 😂)
Jasmine AragonJasmine Aragon
20:19 29 Dec 22
We bought our laptop here after another computer place failed to fix it. Excellent customer service. Paul was able to look into it and provide us with the services we needed within minutes. A huge shout out needs to be given towards Paul and his boss Manny for the awesome work they do here and all the services they provide. Trust us when we say this is the place if you need to bring your computer or gaming console to be fixed. LOOK NO FURTHER!!!!
Nicholas HoweNicholas Howe
13:21 24 Dec 22
Appreciated the transparency throughout the repair process with our sons PC. I highly reccomend this shop. The techs here take pride in their work and make the experience great. We got our sons computer fixed here and this place is going to be our computer repair center for any repair needs.
Reyna RiveraReyna Rivera
01:01 24 Dec 22
Always have quick and reliable service. I have taken multiple devices here and always get the best rates compared to other places. Plus the have reasonable repair times. They will continue to be our go-to for repairs. HIGHLY RECOMMEND
Charlie TanCharlie Tan
00:42 15 Nov 22
To start off my experience I was unsure of the store location and its reputation, but after talking with the computer technician my concerns were assuaged. He was fluent in his field, respectful, professional, and I could tell this store and their ideals really put the customers first. The computer I brought in was taken care of to the best degree and the technician was able to diagnose several problems. He was able to fix my PC in a timely manner and my PC looked brand new. If you have issues with your electronics, especially computers this is definitely the place to go!
Jorge TrevinoJorge Trevino
05:17 28 Oct 22
Awesome service and affordable prices. Highly recommend computers plus repair center.I've taken my child's Xbox twice for two different problems and computer plus has always done a fantastic job on repairing it. My wait time from the day of drop off to the day of pickup wasn't long either😊. Once again thank you computers plus for your service and repairs😊.
James GlackenJames Glacken
02:41 24 Aug 22
They did a great job resurrecting my wife's computer. They also checked the overall build and cleaned the case and dusty components. The price for labor and parts was reasonable and they didn't try to sell me on upgrades or unnecessary replacement parts. Like an honest mechanic, they will have my repeat business. Highly recommended.
Emmanuel VillalobosEmmanuel Villalobos
00:14 09 Aug 22
This is one of those rare places that deserve more than five stars. They did a great job with our kids PC that we immediately took ours in as well. They were honest, had a quick turnaround, did a great job, and are affordable. Totally recommend.
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