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At Computers Plus Repair Center, you will get the best expert service when it comes to gaming consoles that you can in the El Paso area. Whether you’re experiencing software problems, broken HDMI ports, liquid damage, not reading games, or it won’t turn on at all, we will get it working like new again and include our 90-Day 100% Satisfaction Warranty.

We service all versions of the Playstation 4 and 5, all Xbox One and Series consoles as well as the various Nintendo Switch devices. Call us today for a quote on any repair.



Common repairs

Here are some of the most common repairs

Won't Read Games

If the console will not recognize a disc or the drive is making an strange sound

Stuck Disc Tray

The disc will not eject from the console or you cannot insert one into the drive

Console Freezes

The console freezes up while you are playing a game or if the system just runs more slowly than usual

Overheating Problems

Getting an error message that the system is overheating, the console will suddenly shut off or the fan is much louder than it usually is

Software Issues

If the console is having trouble loading games, downloading updates, or you cannot navigate the menus very smoothly

Will Not Turn On

Nothing happens when you hit the power button even though everything is connected properly

HDMI Issues

Nothing showing up on the television when you power it on could be a sign of a damaged HDMI port. Computers Plus Repair Center has all the tools and experience necessary to repair or replace this critical port on your console


Clients Feedback

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Jasmine AragonJasmine Aragon
20:19 29 Dec 22
We bought our laptop here after another computer place failed to fix it. Excellent customer service. Paul was able to look into it and provide us with the services we needed within minutes. A huge shout out needs to be given towards Paul and his boss Manny for the awesome work they do here and all the services they provide. Trust us when we say this is the place if you need to bring your computer or gaming console to be fixed. LOOK NO FURTHER!!!!
Charlie TanCharlie Tan
00:42 15 Nov 22
To start off my experience I was unsure of the store location and its reputation, but after talking with the computer technician my concerns were assuaged. He was fluent in his field, respectful, professional, and I could tell this store and their ideals really put the customers first. The computer I brought in was taken care of to the best degree and the technician was able to diagnose several problems. He was able to fix my PC in a timely manner and my PC looked brand new. If you have issues with your electronics, especially computers this is definitely the place to go!
Jorge TrevinoJorge Trevino
05:17 28 Oct 22
Awesome service and affordable prices. Highly recommend computers plus repair center.I've taken my child's Xbox twice for two different problems and computer plus has always done a fantastic job on repairing it. My wait time from the day of drop off to the day of pickup wasn't long either😊. Once again thank you computers plus for your service and repairs😊.
James GlackenJames Glacken
02:41 24 Aug 22
They did a great job resurrecting my wife's computer. They also checked the overall build and cleaned the case and dusty components. The price for labor and parts was reasonable and they didn't try to sell me on upgrades or unnecessary replacement parts. Like an honest mechanic, they will have my repeat business. Highly recommended.
Emmanuel VillalobosEmmanuel Villalobos
00:14 09 Aug 22
This is one of those rare places that deserve more than five stars. They did a great job with our kids PC that we immediately took ours in as well. They were honest, had a quick turnaround, did a great job, and are affordable. Totally recommend.
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Computers Plus Repair Center
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