Nintendo repair in El Paso, TX

Searching for Nintendo Console repair service? You are in the right place! Our certified technicians can deal with almost every technical failure, from software errors to water damage, cracked screens, or even charging issues.

¡We repair every Nintendo Wii & Nintendo Switch!

Nintendo Switch Repair

If your Nintendo Switch won’t hold a charge, has broken screen or your Joycons are damage, We are here to help! Come to us to any malfunction repair.

Nintendo Wii Repair

Your Nintendo Wii is having power problems or is not reading games? Come with us to repair these or any other malfunctioning.

PlayStation General Repair Services

Nintendo Switch Broken Screen

Your Nintendo Switch fell or crashed and now you have a broken screen? Come with us!

Won't read games

Nintendo can't play a disc or disc cannot be recognized, installation stopped?

Stuck Disc Tray

The disc drive is stuck in an open or closed position? can’t open or close the optical drive door?

Nintendo Freezes

System freezes while playing or stop responding when you try to play something? freezes while you are downloading software or the menus seem to take too long to load?

Joy-Con Controller Issues

Your Joy-Con continually disconnects or is experimenting malfunctions?

Overheating Problems

Nintendo overheats and shuts down by itself? It gives an error message about overheating? System fan to loud?

Software Issues

Operating system error? game loading errors? System update error?

Won’t Turn On

Nintendo turns on but wont show video at all? Won’t turn on at all?

You've come to the right place; we will bring It back to life again.

Bring it in for a free diagnostic. Restrictions apply.