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If your Nintendo Switch fails because of hardware or software issues, you can trust the technicians at Computers Plus Repair Center to handle it all. From the Nintendo Switch Lite to the OLED Model consoles, we are equipped with the tools and experience to address all your console problems.



Common Repairs

Here are some of the most common repairs that we provide for Switch Devices

Broken Digitizer

The Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite are both handheld devices built to be used on the go. Their portability makes them prone to more wear and tear than your typical gaming console. There are some pretty big differences between the two versions but one major feature they all share is the touchscreen, located right in the center between the controls.

Broken LCD

The Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite consoles are seemingly built around their integrated screens making them the central focus of each model. That being said, screen issues can be detrimental-completely ruining the entire experience for the user.

LCD screen issues for the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite consoles can usually be caused by a couple of different factors. Vertical or horizontal lines running from one end of the screen to the other, a completely black screen when the console is powered on or spots in the display can be the result of minor to severe physical impact, liquid damage, or even software glitches.

In nearly every case, a damaged, faulty, or defective LCD screen needs to be replaced as repair options are not usually cost-effective. The compactness of the consoles leads to higher complexity of the components inside making the replacement of the LCD in the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite a difficult task if not properly trained.

Computers Plus Repair Center is equipped with the tools and experience necessary to effectively disassemble, replace, and fully test the LCD screen replacement on your Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite consoles.

Charging Issues

One of the biggest issues faced by Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite owners are charging problems. Since these consoles are primarily handheld devices, the battery life plays a vital role in their operation and is very noticeable when it is not working properly. As is the case with any rechargeable battery, the life of it will progressively get shorter and shorter over time as it goes through its charging cycles.

A faulty charger or bad charging port can cause the battery to inadequately charge, giving the impression that the battery is failing. Some easy troubleshooting tips to rule out and narrow down your problems on with your Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite are as follows

  • Plug the charger into a different outlet and check for improvements in charging
  • Try a different charger altogether. Original Nintendo chargers are always recommended when trying to determine issues with your Nintendo Switch consoles
  • Physically inspect the charging port for damage. If bent pins or pieces are broken from within the port, internal repairs will more than likely be necessary
  • If the console will charge but not display anything on a television or monitor when connected to a dock (Nintendo Switch), there may still be an issue with the charging port itself

The charging port for both the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite is very small, intricate, and delicate. Soldering on a very small scale is necessary to replace these components and should not be attempted by anyone that is not properly trained. If not disassembled and replaced properly, further damage can be caused rendering the entire console completely useless.

With over 17 years of experience in fine soldering and micro-electronics replacement, Computers Plus Repair Center is the most equipped repair shop in the El Paso, Texas area.

From proper and accurate diagnostics to solid and fully-tested repairs, our customers can be confident in the jobs performed by our technicians as they all leave with a 90-day warranty on all our parts and labor services.

Game Cartridge Read Error

The game cartridges used by the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite are unique to the consoles. Where other manufacturers use optical discs, Nintendo has opted to use the smaller and more durable cartridges, as they have done for decades but that does not mean that it cannot be problematic.

The biggest issue facing the console in terms of game cartridges is the “Game Card Could Not be Read” error. Often times, foreign objects or small debris can get caught in the card slot blocking the gold connectors on the cartridge or the card reader inside the Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite.

Using a can of compressed air to make sure there is not anything inside that should not be there and then reinserting the game would be the easiest way to get rid of that pesky message. If no debris is found inside the slot, more extensive repairs may be necessary.

Liquid accidentally introduced into the slot on both the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite are certain ways to render it unusable. As is the case with any electronics, liquid damage can be extremely problematic, even if not immediately.

Corrosion and oxidation of the small components therein can take time to become apparent. If even just a small amount of liquid is introduced into the card slot, both the contacts inside of it and the contacts of the Nintendo Switch game cartridge can start to corrode. A small bit of rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab can be used to clean off a small amount of corrosion but the damage could run much deeper than what is apparent.

The disassembly and replacement of the card reader may be necessary if the issue cannot be resolved simply by cleaning out the slot. A faulty card reader can also cause other components to fail as it connects several of them to the motherboard itself. Touchscreen issues, headphone problems and general glitching can be attributed to the card reader not working properly.

The replacement of the game card reader in the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite consoles is a fairly routing job for the technicians at Computers Plus Repair Center in El Paso, Texas. Parts are always in-stock and ready to be replaced once properly diagnosed which is a far more cost effective solution than just replacing the console as a whole.


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Clients Feedback

Gilbert AndrewsGilbert Andrews
21:40 13 Dec 23
Took in a PS5 was fixed and ready when promised at a reasonable rate highly recommend
Javier RoqueJavier Roque
00:23 09 Dec 23
They always provide great service
20:20 07 Dec 23
Got my Xbox Series X HDMI port replaced , only took 3 days. These guys are great ! Highly recommend.
Michael CooperMichael Cooper
22:57 30 Nov 23
They dealt with a series of unfortunate events in a professional manner, kept me informed and ultimately resolved the issues to my satisfaction. I would recommend these guys to anyone.
Juan A MartinezJuan A Martinez
21:35 25 Nov 23
Awsome job i cannot compare to other places so i only can rater as 4 🙃
Adriana RamosAdriana Ramos
17:06 09 Nov 23
It was our first time going with them but definitely won’t be the last. They are really hands on with the customers service they kept us in touch about our computer with out us having to say anything. Highly recommend!
23:21 30 Oct 23
Would highly recommend this place! Excellent service were very professional throughout the whole process, they did an amazing job repairing my console within 3 days and the prices are great!
Sandra GSandra G
17:57 22 Sep 23
Absolutely amazing service! I had been to other repair places and have been told that my computer could not be repaired, and that I would lose all of my information. The gentlemen at this location worked tirelessly on my computer and recovered everything. I will forever be grateful for the job that they have done and their professionalism. I was kept up-to-date on the process and the peace of mind that comes with that is priceless. Thank you Computer plus!!
Jeremy ArmstrongJeremy Armstrong
17:32 27 Jun 23
I came in for a quite complicated issue I was experiencing with my computer. Jose was able to diagnose and repair my computer in just a few days. I’m telling you there was no answer to the blue screens I had on any help website or YouTube. I took apart and reinstalled every component and formatted all drives and was losing my sanity. Jose had it figured out and my computer is finally back in action for only 100 bucks. I will be trusting these guys with every piece of equipment I have trouble with for now on. 5/5 stars!They also cleaned it! (This is the before picture 😂)
Jasmine AragonJasmine Aragon
20:19 29 Dec 22
We bought our laptop here after another computer place failed to fix it. Excellent customer service. Paul was able to look into it and provide us with the services we needed within minutes. A huge shout out needs to be given towards Paul and his boss Manny for the awesome work they do here and all the services they provide. Trust us when we say this is the place if you need to bring your computer or gaming console to be fixed. LOOK NO FURTHER!!!!
Nicholas HoweNicholas Howe
13:21 24 Dec 22
Appreciated the transparency throughout the repair process with our sons PC. I highly reccomend this shop. The techs here take pride in their work and make the experience great. We got our sons computer fixed here and this place is going to be our computer repair center for any repair needs.
Reyna RiveraReyna Rivera
01:01 24 Dec 22
Always have quick and reliable service. I have taken multiple devices here and always get the best rates compared to other places. Plus the have reasonable repair times. They will continue to be our go-to for repairs. HIGHLY RECOMMEND
Charlie TanCharlie Tan
00:42 15 Nov 22
To start off my experience I was unsure of the store location and its reputation, but after talking with the computer technician my concerns were assuaged. He was fluent in his field, respectful, professional, and I could tell this store and their ideals really put the customers first. The computer I brought in was taken care of to the best degree and the technician was able to diagnose several problems. He was able to fix my PC in a timely manner and my PC looked brand new. If you have issues with your electronics, especially computers this is definitely the place to go!
Jorge TrevinoJorge Trevino
05:17 28 Oct 22
Awesome service and affordable prices. Highly recommend computers plus repair center.I've taken my child's Xbox twice for two different problems and computer plus has always done a fantastic job on repairing it. My wait time from the day of drop off to the day of pickup wasn't long either😊. Once again thank you computers plus for your service and repairs😊.
James GlackenJames Glacken
02:41 24 Aug 22
They did a great job resurrecting my wife's computer. They also checked the overall build and cleaned the case and dusty components. The price for labor and parts was reasonable and they didn't try to sell me on upgrades or unnecessary replacement parts. Like an honest mechanic, they will have my repeat business. Highly recommended.
Emmanuel VillalobosEmmanuel Villalobos
00:14 09 Aug 22
This is one of those rare places that deserve more than five stars. They did a great job with our kids PC that we immediately took ours in as well. They were honest, had a quick turnaround, did a great job, and are affordable. Totally recommend.
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