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You can trust your PlayStation repair to Computers Plus. No matter what the problem is, from the original PS4 to the newest PS5, we have the necessary experience and tools to repair any problem quickly and effectively from software to hardware.



Common Repairs

Here are some of the most common repairs that we provide for the Playstation Consoles


If your console is shutting down or running slowly and you notice that the fan inside is running a little louder than usual, it could be overheating. The PS4 and PS5 will protect themselves from overheating by warning the user of temperatures getting too hot and shut down by automatically.
Overheating issues on a PS4 or PS5 can lead to major failures for the console. These are some of the precautions you can take to help ensure you get the most out of your investment.

Power Issues

Complete power failure, system locking up, spontaneous rebooting, and the power supply overheating are all signs of a possible power supply failure in the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. A failing power supply can cause larger issues with the console if not addressed quickly. The disassembly and inspection of the power supply is not recommended by anyone other than properly trained technicians.

Power supplies can fail for many different reasons like dirt and dust build-up on the components inside. Enough dust, dirt, and lint can act as an insulator on the sensitive fuses and power management chips inside, causing them to overheat or burn out.

Regular maintenance of the console can greatly reduce the risk of a failing power supply in your PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5, no matter the model of each generation. As different as they all may be, the Original, Slim, and Pro models of the PlayStation 4 and either the disc or digital versions of the PlayStation 5 all have similar designs making them equally susceptible to power issues.

Failing power supplies in a PS4 or PS5 can lead to many other issues as well. Every single component inside the console relies on the power supply so even the slightest problem can cause issues with other parts – another reason to keep your PlayStation as clean as possible.

At Computers Plus Repair Center, our technicians have the tools and experience necessary to accurately diagnose, troubleshoot, and repair or replace your faulty or failing power supply with many of the models on-hand in our shop.  

Optical Drive Issues

Optical drive problems can be caused by a number of different issues. Being one of the only components inside the console with moving parts, the drive can actually “wear out” over time. Dust, dirt, and lint accumulation within the drive can also lead to problems, preventing it from working properly.

The optical drive is a fairly complex piece of the console with a carriage system, a laser, and several belt-driven gears that are used to move the disc in and out of the entire assembly. The complexity of the drive is simplified to the point that there are three major components that make up the unit, each with a vital task in the successful operation of it.

One of the easiest ways of troubleshooting an optical drive on a PlayStation 4 or the disc version of the PlayStation 5 when a disc cannot be inserted is to make sure there isn’t one already in it. Once the console is powered up and booting successfully to the home screen, press the eject button on the PS4 or PS5 to verify that there isn’t a disc present. If the console still will not accept a disc, the belts and/or gears may be worn out to the point that they will need replacing.

If the disc is being accepted by the PlayStation but cannot be read, check that the disc itself is not dirty or too scratched. You can try to clean the disc with a soft, clean cloth before reinserting it into the console. Once ensuring that the disc is not the issue or after trying multiple discs and the console still will not read them, the lens for the laser inside the drive may be dirty or damaged.

Attempting to clean the drive with a can of compressed air can help temporarily but the drive, as a whole, should probably be serviced by a professional at that point.

The technicians at Computers Plus Repair Center in El Paso, Texas have years of experience and understanding of all versions of the PS4’s disc drive. With most parts on-hand, we can get to the bottom of your drive issues quickly, efficiently, and confidently enough to send you on your way with a 90-day warranty on all our parts and service.

System Freezing

A freezing PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 console can be caused by many different factors but, no matter the reason, it is always a nuisance. From power issues to corrupt hard drives, a system freezing can be an indicator of minor glitches to major system failures. Once properly identified, most fixes are recommended to be performed by properly trained technicians like the ones at Computers Plus Repair Center.


Something as simple as a controller losing connection to the console can be an easy fix if all it means is replacing it however, loss in signal between the two can also be a sign of the antenna sending and receiving the signals has gone out. Some versions of the PS4 use one single antenna for both controller and WiFi connections so a drop in both is a clear sign that the antenna needs to be replaced.

Insufficient power inside the PlayStation can also cause the system to slow down or seem “laggy.” A failing power supply is something that only a trained technician should attempt to test as the components within can cause serious bodily harm if not handled correctly.

Proper and routine maintenance of your PS4 and PS5 is vital to their  longevity as too much dirt and dust within the unit can cause overheating which will significantly degrade your gaming experience.  Too much heat inside the PlayStation will cause it to slow down, lead to poor picture quality, and eventual unexpected shut-downs, a feature built-in to prevent serious and catastrophic failures.

An unavoidable and inevitable issue faced by owners of all gaming consoles is the failure of the internal hard drive. As is the case with any type of computer or gaming console, the hard drive is the “brain” of the entire system. Since it is running constantly from the time that the console is powered on to the moment it completely shuts down, the hard drive in your PS4 endures a lot of wear and is almost always the first component to fail.

Signs of a failing hard drive include but are not limited to “checking system storage” messages when the console is powered on, the system not saving information correctly, games failing to launch or closing abruptly during play, not being able to update software correctly, or even the lack of video on the screen when it is booted up. A thorough and accurate test is required to confidently identify a bad drive.

Luckily, Sony has set up their network in such a way that, if your drive has failed and needs to be replaced, all of your data can be re-downloaded simply by signing back into the account that was on the console before.

With more than enough tools, resources, and experience to accurately test every aspect of your PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Slim, PlayStation 4 Pro, or PlayStation 5, Computers Plus Repair Center should be your go-to in times of issue or uncertainty.   

HDMI Issues

No display on your PlayStation 4 and/or PlayStation 5 could seem like a lost cause but there are a couple of things you can do to determine what would be needed to get your console working again. The port itself is extremely delicate. The acts of unplugging and plugging the cable back into it too many times can be enough to damage the sensitive pins inside it. Here are some troubleshooting tips you can try on any version of the PS4 or PS5.

  • Use a different HDMI cable, one that you know is working properly, or a new one just out of the packaging
  • Try a different television. Your issue could be with the screen you are using and have nothing to do with your console at all
  • Inspect the physical condition of the port itself, if you notice the plastic inside is chipped, or the gold contacts are bent, missing, or out of place, the replacement of the port as a whole would be necessary


Often the HDMI port in your PS4 or PS5 can get damaged if the console falls and lands on the cable that is plugged into it if too much stress is placed on it while being transported with the cables still attached or if the cable is inserted or removed with too much force. When that happens, in rare instances, the connections behind the port that attach it to the motherboard can get damaged as well. A more extensive and time-consuming repair would be required in this case but it is not irreparable.

This is probably one of the most common issues with the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 5, no matter the model. At Computers Plus Repair Center, we have repaired and/or replaced hundreds of HDMI ports in all console types with an extremely high success rate. So much so that every single one that leaves the shop goes away with a 90-day warranty on the parts and the labor. Our repair process has been fine-tuned over 17 years to be able to provide you with a fast, efficient, and lasting repair that will get you back in the game in no time.


PS3 Repair

Computers Plus fixes all of the common Playstation 3 issues such as display problems, disc drive errors and more.

PS4 Repair

For any of the Playstation 4 problems you could have like the “Blue Light of Death,” hard drive, HDMI issues, and many more

PS5 Repair

If your Playstation 5 is experiencing problems like software freezing up or games not reading properly, there is no issue that Computers Plus Repair Center cannot handle

Clients Feedback

Jasmine AragonJasmine Aragon
20:19 29 Dec 22
We bought our laptop here after another computer place failed to fix it. Excellent customer service. Paul was able to look into it and provide us with the services we needed within minutes. A huge shout out needs to be given towards Paul and his boss Manny for the awesome work they do here and all the services they provide. Trust us when we say this is the place if you need to bring your computer or gaming console to be fixed. LOOK NO FURTHER!!!!
Nicholas HoweNicholas Howe
13:21 24 Dec 22
Appreciated the transparency throughout the repair process with our sons PC. I highly reccomend this shop. The techs here take pride in their work and make the experience great. We got our sons computer fixed here and this place is going to be our computer repair center for any repair needs.
Reyna RiveraReyna Rivera
01:01 24 Dec 22
Always have quick and reliable service. I have taken multiple devices here and always get the best rates compared to other places. Plus the have reasonable repair times. They will continue to be our go-to for repairs. HIGHLY RECOMMEND
Charlie TanCharlie Tan
00:42 15 Nov 22
To start off my experience I was unsure of the store location and its reputation, but after talking with the computer technician my concerns were assuaged. He was fluent in his field, respectful, professional, and I could tell this store and their ideals really put the customers first. The computer I brought in was taken care of to the best degree and the technician was able to diagnose several problems. He was able to fix my PC in a timely manner and my PC looked brand new. If you have issues with your electronics, especially computers this is definitely the place to go!
Jorge TrevinoJorge Trevino
05:17 28 Oct 22
Awesome service and affordable prices. Highly recommend computers plus repair center.I've taken my child's Xbox twice for two different problems and computer plus has always done a fantastic job on repairing it. My wait time from the day of drop off to the day of pickup wasn't long either😊. Once again thank you computers plus for your service and repairs😊.
James GlackenJames Glacken
02:41 24 Aug 22
They did a great job resurrecting my wife's computer. They also checked the overall build and cleaned the case and dusty components. The price for labor and parts was reasonable and they didn't try to sell me on upgrades or unnecessary replacement parts. Like an honest mechanic, they will have my repeat business. Highly recommended.
Emmanuel VillalobosEmmanuel Villalobos
00:14 09 Aug 22
This is one of those rare places that deserve more than five stars. They did a great job with our kids PC that we immediately took ours in as well. They were honest, had a quick turnaround, did a great job, and are affordable. Totally recommend.
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